Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites To Earn Extra Cash

Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites To Earn Extra Cash in 2018

If you love writing but worried if you won’t make the cut, don’t worry. You could try out your luck at some of these websites below that could help you get better at what you do and earn at the same time.

For many, these freelance writing websites could help make a good side income, and for the better ones, it could even lead to a full time income – from home!


The Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites

Here are the top 5 freelance writing sites which can help you earn some extra cash.


1. People Per Hour

This U.K based site is very popular to find writing jobs online, and the process is easy – just register and fill out the profile with your necessary details here.

Don’t forget to upload your portfolio and bio. Freelancers love it for the good quality of jobs available, and there are some good high paying ones at that for native writers.

You have to bid on orders that are suitable for you, so keep your portfolio updated. Clients can see your strengths and what you are good at.

Top 5 Freelance Writing Websites To Earn Extra Cash

2. Freelancer

It’s the Australian freelancing site, and while we wouldn’t recommend it for all, it’s good for a beginner. Again the registration is similar to most of the sites out there. Your details need to be kept updated. Build up a profile that attracts clients, and you might land yourself in a very good job.

The site is for all sorts of freelancing jobs so if you have another forte; you can try for it as well. If you love writing, you can find jobs related to poetry to e-book writing and blogs. The site though has a high range of scammers, and Freelancer seems to be doing nothing about it.

Couple that with policies that make you pay 10% for projects in the very beginning when you accept from the client – even if the client is a fraud or doesn’t pay you at the end – that makes you think whether you should really invest your career here.


3. Upwork

It’s the most popular freelancing site for writers today, but difficult to get through if you don’t already have an Upwork profile.

The site is easy to navigate and to find jobs there are thousands posted each day! It’s another bid-and-win game, but you really need to be good to win work here. Checkout the Upwork website here.


Don’t want to bid and win jobs? This platform helps you take jobs easily, anytime – but you have to register and pass their quality test first. It’s available to only native writers around the world – from countries like the U.S, Australia and New Zealand.

The clients are good overall, but there are some scams here as well – and if you aren’t careful, you might end up writing a 5,000-word article for nothing! Native freelancers who know wordplay are sure to benefit. Visit Hirewriters today to learn more.

Freelance Writing Websites

5. Constant-Content

Designed for professionals, the pay rate of the site is high, and clients expect premier content. With a strict editorial board, who could even ban you from the site for a single missing comma, you need to gain some experience first before you register for this one.

Keep some of these points in mind:

  • Don’t register on all the sites at one go – choose one and build up your performance.
  • Be patient.
  • If you don’t have samples of your work then start making them.

It’s time to start writing!

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